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Musical Journey

Born & Raised in Providence, RI. Kevin DaRosa aka DJ Krack Kobain grew up in 2 Neighborhoods. Fox Point where his Mothers family lived & His parents owned a business & In Washington Park where he lived for most of his life. As a youth Kevin grew up around Gangsters & Hustlers hanging around them & hearing the music they listened to & admiring the way they dressed he grew up to adopt their style.

 As a child he always aspired to be an entertainer, he enjoyed writing poetry, songs & stories. In 1994 when he was 14 he started a rap group with his friends & they battled other local rappers at parties & wrote songs.

  In 2008 he gave up rapping & focused on his family after his son was born.. But, his love for music didn't end with his rapping, with nothing more than a cheap ion iCue console he bought from a Circuit City going out of Business sale, Kevin immediately started learning to mix. He made a few Best Of.. Mixtapes of his favorite artist freestyles like Jay-Z, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent. He sold CDs to mostly friends & family back in 2009 only to give that up just a few years later.

 In 2018 He returned to mixing music in the form of Blend Mixtapes. Now calling himself DJ Krack Kobain he's become well-known for his creative ingenuity and original mixes. A slew of hot blends and unconventional performances has elevated DJ Krack Kobain to a level few DJs have ever reached.

“ I just started blending & I'm getting compliments from people I looked up to, I mean if the OGs like it. It must be some fire!..

says DJ Krack Kobain.

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